sponsorship sales

Building & Increasing Sponsorship Sales

The business of fundraising: Flax Associates helps you improve your sales through efficient and effective processes.

There is more to business development than just pushing sales. Your offerings need to be customized for each organization. You need to understand your target organizations, and your offerings need to be customized for each. You need to know:

  • Who are they?
  • What are their vision, goals, and concerns?
  • Within that organization, who are the right people to contact and get to know? Who makes the decisions?
  • How do you effectively leverage board members in an appropriate way so they can be involved in business development efforts?

Step Up with Flax Associates

Flax Associates shows you how to structure your outreach. Using our hands-on approach, we walk you through the business development process and show you how to initiate contact and communication. As fundraising consultants, Flax Associates provide coaching and guidance, participates in meetings and calls, and teaches your staff the skills needed to maintain and grow your business.