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Revenue Increase in Year 1


Revenue Increase by Year 3


International Downtown Association

Our sponsorship sales were flat. We were spinning our wheels, always asking the same people for money. We weren’t growing revenue strategically, and it was frustrating.

Lewis taught us that it’s about helping the customer solve a problem…. We gained buy-in from staff and leadership, then developed a partnership program that addressed customers’ needs.

Our revenue increased 32% percent the first year, 95% by the third year. Our largest partner reached out to renew early, because the benefits we offered addressed their goals.

Tracie Clemmer, Director of Corporate Relations


First six figure
marketing partner

Engaged Board

Alliance for consumer Education

– Foundation for Household and Commercial Products Association

Our foundation was revising our mission and vision. Our partnership and development programs and our board level priorities no longer matched our needs. We had no strategy and struggled to gain buy-in internally. We took any amount from anyone while offering undefined benefits. Our board was under-utilized and under-engaged. We were overwhelmed, and our goals seemed unattainable.

We began working with Flax Associates. Lewis coached us on how to structure our partnership program and walked us through the details (practice phone calls, call agendas and evaluations, build relationships, etc). Our board self-evaluated their role and made necessary changes.

We secured our largest ever 6-figure partner to launch a new campaign. Our board increased their level of strategic leadership. We changed the way we sought funding. Instead of begging for money, we were building campaigns people wanted. We received higher levels of support and more partners, including our first six-figure marketing partner!

Sara Stickler, Executive Director (former)


Revenue Increase 


Veterans Legal Advocacy Group (VetLAG)

We were not maximizing our potential. We needed unrestricted funds, and we wanted to diversify our revenue. But how? We had no strategy or plan.

Lewis showed us how to build a strategy and create a solid plan and process with specific steps. He tailored his advice based on our mission and unique limitations rather than providing the same one-size-fits all strategy others had pitched to us. His insight were invaluable and went beyond raising funds.

Now we have a consistent revenue stream we can count on, and we receive higher amounts from each funder. Our organization is far more stable, and everyone feels less pressured.

– Harold (Butch) Hoffman III, President


More Kind Words from Clients

“Lewis’ ability to listen and ask tough questions was phenomenal and created early buy-in for our new partnership model.  We now have a comprehensive strategic partnership program with a revenue increase of 32% percent in the first year and 95% by the third year.  I was comfortable with the process and I’m now confident in the continued growth of our partnership program.”

Tracie Clemmer

Director of Corporate Relations, International Downtown Association

Our strategic partnership program experienced tremendous growth under the guidance and direction of Lewis Flax. He  enabled us to expand our relationships with accounting and consulting firms. He has a true understanding of how to create mutually beneficial relationships. As a result of his efforts, we established fourteen six-figure partnerships. Highly recommended!

Colleen Cunningham

Chief Executive Officer (former), Financial Executives International

“Thank you for helping us to find new ways to provide value to our supplier members. Through your efforts, our offerings now provide a clear distinction between the different communities that have different reasons for joining our organization. This has provided greater value for our members, and has enabled us to significantly increase revenue. Your keen insight and clear solutions have been a great asset.

Evan Shubin

Chief Operating Officer (former), Electronic Retailing Association

With Lewis’s expertise…we secured internal buy-in on streamlined partnership packages with right-sized benefits to enhance existing relationships and develop new long-term partnerships.

Elicia Magruder

Vice President, Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors - National Association

You enabled us to jump start our sponsorship and partnership efforts.  We attribute several new partners in the five and six figure investment level to your business development experience and expertise.  I appreciate your insight into many difficult situations which enabled us to arrive at unique and effective solutions.

Steven Weiss

Senior Vice President (former), Institute of Management accountants

With Lewis’ guidance, we broadened the involvement of companies beyond events.  As a result, we raised record annual revenues for CADCA with total corporate revenue surpassing $1M annually.  These corporate partnerships provided CADCA with a sustainable income stream and allowed us to fund new programs.

Larry Dilworth

Vice President (former), Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)


A Trusted Advisor and Guide

  • Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE)
  • American Gastroenterological Association (AGA)
  • American Peanut Council
  • Center for Food Integrity
  • Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)
  • Electronic Retailing Association
  • Endocrine Society
  • Fuel Fund of Maryland
  • Georgetown Business Improvement District
  • Hormone Health Network
  • Institute of Management Accountants
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association
  • Shelter House
  • USA for UNHCR
  • VetLAG

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