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Frustrated by the Same Efforts Getting the Same Results?

Is increasing your revenue difficult? »

  • You’re working without a strategy
  • Your board, leadership, and staff are not on the same page

Is offering organization-wide benefits a struggle? »

  • You wrestle with gaining buy-in from ‘siloed’ departments
  • You’re not sure what to offer beyond standard one-off sponsorships

Can you connect with corporate decision-makers? »

  • You’re not clear on who to contact and what to offer
  • Your connections are with junior corporate staff

We've had so many amazing customers.

Here are some of the organizations we've been privileged to assist:

'Our sponsorship sales were flat'

"Our sponsorship sales were flat. We were spinning our wheels, always asking the same people for money. We weren’t growing revenue strategically, and it was frustrating..."


'We were overwhelmed, and our goals seemed unattainable'

"Our partnership and development programs and our board level priorities no longer matched our needs. We had no strategy. We took any amount from anyone while offering undefined benefits. Our board was under-utilized and under-engaged. We were overwhelmed, and our goals seemed unattainable..."

'We had no fundraising strategy or plan'

"We were not maximizing our potential. We needed unrestricted funds, and we wanted to diversify our revenue. But how? We had no strategy or plan..."

Increase Your Revenue

Corporations invest more—and your revenue grows—when partnering with you addresses their goals and provides lasting value.

Upgrade your fundraising

A steady stream of revenue without constantly starting from scratch

Save time & frustration

No reinventing the wheel or stepping on each other’s toes

Know you're doing it right

Staff and leadership with the skills to create a roadmap to success

How do you do that?  

You STEP UP! Together we map your journey to success.

event sponsorship in Baltimore


Lewis makes it easy for you to STEP UP! He walks you through every detail of your journey, and within the context of your organizational culture, shows you exactly how to find your way to success.



Assess your situation. Appraise your current sponsorship environment.



Transform your assets. Evaluate current benefits, assess which provide business value.



Engage your sponsors. Interview key contacts and gain their insights and suggestions.



Develop your strategic partnership plan. Create a partnership roadmap.

UP! – The direction your revenue will take!

Why Work with Lewis Flax?

Lewis has walked in your shoes as a nonprofit executive. 

Your team puts in hours of hard work, yet revenue is flat or declining and it is difficult to budget. Your staff is stuck in a wheel spinning cycle of repeatedly asking the same sponsors for funds. And getting meager results. It’s frustrating. Overwhelming. Even frightening. 

However this doesn’t have to be your story. Lewis changed his approach and saw significant results when he focused on turning sponsors into partners. Lewis Flax started his own firm in 2008 and has helped associations and nonprofits increase revenue and develop long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. 

As an advisor, he is passionate about teaching others—you—to do the same. Lewis will walk alongside you, giving you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to develop, maintain and grow strong partnerships that will empower your organization for long term success and growth.

Sponsorship Consultant - Lewis Flax
  • Declining revenue.
  • Leadership concerns.
  • Mounting frustration.

You can do so much better!

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