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STEP UP! from one-off sponsorships to revenue generating partnerships.

Board Involvement

Have your board connect more fully with your
organization and reach its fundraising potential.

Sponsorship Sales

Connect with senior-level decision makers and access higher-level funding.

Training, Facilitation & Board Retreats

Educate your staff, leadership, and board to
efficiently increase revenue.

Hear What Others Are Saying.

We're privileged to work with many amazing organizations

"You enabled us to jump start our sponsorship and partnership efforts.  We attribute several new partners in the five and six figure investment level to your business development experience and expertise.  I appreciate your insight into many difficult situations which enabled us to arrive at unique and effective solutions."

- Steven Weiss, Senior Vice President (former),  Institute of Management Accountants

"With Lewis’s expertise…we secured internal buy-in on streamlined partnership packages with right-sized benefits to enhance existing relationships and develop new long-term partnerships." 

-Elicia Magruder, Vice President, Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors - National Association


Imagine what can happen if your revenue stagnates or decreases. Will you have to cut back on the programs and services members expect? Corporate support can provide substantial revenue. But how do you get and maintain it?


Go from one-off sponsorships to strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships.
Get the board, leadership, and staff aligned, bought in, and focused.
Flax Associates will guide you through every step to increase revenue.

S: Situation

Review and evaluate your current sponsorship/partnership status.

Goal: Review and assess your current sponsorship offerings, leadership and staff attitudes towards partner engagement, and internal processes to meet partner needs.

How To Reach Your Goal

• How have you previously worked with sponsors/partners?
• What is needed to provide organization-wide benefits and gain buy-in of different departments?
• What are the internal challenges that you face and how will you address?
• What is the attitude of your board/leadership toward corporate involvement?
• Are you positioned to go beyond “prospectus selling” and engage with corporate executives on a strategic level?

T: Transformation

Evaluate your assets, sales process, and internal coordination efforts to enhance opportunities to increase partner value.

Goals: Determine assets of value and convert them to partner benefits. Review sales and marketing efforts. Revisit internal operational processes.

How To Reach Your Goal

• What assets do you maintain of value to potential corporate partners?
• How can you convert these assets to value-added benefits?
• What opportunities related to content development, program involvement can you offer?
• In what way can you connect assets across your organization (e.g. webinars, conference presentations, newsletter articles) into benefits that will resonate?
• What internal stumbling blocks (e.g. staff willingness to involve corporate partners) might you encounter and how will you respond?

E: Engagement

Engage your sponsors. Interview key contacts and gain their insights and suggestions.

Develop your skills on how to create an effective relationship with partners

Goal: Identify relevant needs and benefits most enticing to your partner companies through confidential third party interviews. Assess competitive organizations and channels that also connect with your audience.

How To Reach Your Goal

• Interview your current sponsor contacts and gain an understanding of their motivations, challenges, and budget range.
• Connect with senior level corporate executives and establish buy-in for future initiatives.
• Reach out to others (lapsed or potential sponsors) to learn their needs, interests, and ways to re-engage.
• Enhance your relationships with these sponsors and whet their appetite for future offerings.
• Assess and gain an understanding of the competitive landscape and how to favorably position your offerings.

P: Plan

Develop a partnership plan and address the path forward to gain approval.

Goal: Develop a partnership plan/road map which incorporates the interests of partners and is aligned with your organizational priorities, practices, and culture.

How To Reach Your Goal

• Package and price strategies for the new partnership opportunities.
• Position benefits from a corporate perspective (e.g. trends in accounting policy, workforce development) as opposed to cobbling together unrelated benefits (conference booths, advertising opportunities).
• Revisit sales process outreach, lead development potential, and enhanced internal coordination efficiencies.
• Implement an effective approach to gain feedback and needed approval from board/leadership.
• Create a launch plan for the partnership program.

Are you ready to STEP UP! from sponsorship to partnership?

Sponsorship Sales


If your sales figures aren’t where you want them to be, do you know how to get them there? What do you change? If you’re not prepared, you limit your opportunities and leave substantial revenue on the table. Expand beyond sending out a prospectus to connecting with higher level decision makers.


Lewis will guide you on how to enhance your sales based on your preferred style which will work best to generate your sales.

Step Up with Flax Associates

We help you improve sales results. You need to understand your target organizations. The benefits you offer need to be positioned to meet sponsor goals.

Who are they?

What are their vision, goals, and concerns?

Who are the right people to contact and get to know? Who makes the decisions?

How do you connect with the right people, understand their needs, and position the solution so it appeals to their interests

Using our hands-on approach, Lewis shows you how to structure your outreach. With his advice and guidance, you learn:

Methods to initiate contact and communication – establish and  implement a proven sales approach

Connect with senior-level corporate decision makers for the skills needed to maintain and increase your revenue effectively

How to build and implement a successful sales process, which will give you the confidence and comfort to STEP UP! and get spectacular sales results.

Board Involvement


Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

Is there a disconnect between your staff and your board? If so, you’re missing out on some potentially valuable opportunities!


STEP UP! with Flax Associates

Lewis teaches board members and staff to connect more fully with your organization and reach its fundraising potential.

Flax Associates teaches board members to:

  • Increase the network of supporters leading to additional funding
  • Establish clear expectations, responsibilities, and accountability measures
  • Leverage their corporate networks, unique resources, skills, and interests
  • Recruit new board members who meet the board’s selective criteria
  • Effectively work with the organization’s staff

Training, Facilitation & Board Retreats


Are your board and staff aligned well enough to work effectively and efficiently? Is your board engaged in a way that adds value from a big picture perspective?


For staff and boards of directors, Lewis offers education that gives you the tools and knowledge to work together as an organization and develop long-term, revenue-increasing partnerships and programs.

Training Programs
Speaking Engagements

Step Up with Flax Associates

Lewis helps you gain the skills and knowledge to increase your revenue.

Customized Programs and Retreats

Flax Associates’ training programs and retreats are customized to address each organization’s needs and circumstances.

• STEP UP! from sponsorship to partnership
• Maximize corporate sponsorship support
• Board engagement for fundraising success
• Recruitment and cultivation of Board members
• Messages that will resonate

You gain:
• Skill and knowledge development
• The tools and confidence to make it work
• Ramped-up revenue!

Speaking Engagements

Lewis Flax presents at conferences, meetings, webinars, and training programs of interest to the nonprofit community. He consistently receives rave reviews from the attendees; they see themselves in the stories he tells.

• Certified instructor for the Dale Carnegie sales course
• Involved in DC Chapter of the National Speakers Association
• Served as President of Capital Toastmasters 1 for multiple terms

To invite Lewis to speak at your event, please contact us.

Lewis has run programs for a variety of organizations:

American Society of Association Executives, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Foundation Center, United Way, Global Impact, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Nonprofit Village, Points of Light Institute, Tidewater Community College (Academy of Nonprofit Excellence)

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