About Us

Flax Associates teaches you to enhance, increase, and maximize your nonprofit fundraising.

01. Personal

Lewis truly cares about the success of all clients. Each client gets his full attention and expertise.

02. Flexible

The STEP UP! approach is flexible. It can accommodate your specific needs and organizational culture.

03. Focused

Lewis only works with organizations serious about seeking success and increasing revenue.

Winning Methodology

Revenue from memberships, events, sponsors, and exhibitors can become stagnant, or even decline. Corporate partnerships can provide much needed additional revenue…

…IF you have something of value to offer them in return.
…IF you know how to partner with them.

Flax Associates teaches you to create the strategy and structure that builds lasting partnerships.

Strengthen your ability to coordinate and offer benefits across your entire organization.
Address how to deal with different departments repeatedly reaching out to the same sponsors.
Identify and connect with current and potential partners.
Develop partnerships, and use proven sales concepts to increase revenue
Create and implement effective campaigns and initiatives that benefit them and you.
Offer benefits that align with your own goals while providing unique value to each corporation.

Professional Leadership

Corporate Sponsorship Consultant

Lewis Flax


Lewis Flax teaches nonprofits and associations to increase revenue and develop long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Extensive Nonprofit and Corporate Experience

Lewis has walked in your shoes. He held executive roles at IEG, a sponsorship consulting firm, and a nonprofit professional membership association. To increase revenue, Lewis established partnership relationships, packaged and valued the offerings, and addressed competing departmental interests.

An Advisor, Partner, and Guide…

Lewis provides hands-on guidance throughout the entire process, your corporate sponsorship consultant. He teaches new skills and techniques, even demonstrating firsthand some of the initial tasks. Lewis established Flax Associates in 2008 to give his clients the tools to develop, maintain and grow strong relationships and programs that fit their unique organizational culture.

…Who has learned from Advisors, Partners, and Guides

Lewis understands the power one gains from strong advisors. From Dale Carnegie to IEG, advisors guided him as he developed the confidence and expertise to lead others through their own individual journeys and organizational growth.

Experience & Expertise

  • Extensive experience in training and speaking engagements
  • Certified instructor of the “Sales Advantage,” a Dale Carnegie Training business development course
  • Leadership roles in National Speakers Association, Toastmasters, American Society of Association Executives and Center for Nonprofit Advancement
  • B.A., Political Science, University of Rochester & M.S., International Management, University of Maryland

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