How We Work With You

Working Together to Create a Fundraising Strategy

Enhancing your fundraising: No more than what you need, no less than what you expect.

What are your fundraising goals? No two nonprofit organizations are the same, so the best fundraising methods must be customized for each. Flax Associates works with you as a partner.

Step Up with Flax Associates

Flax Associates is a small business that produces big results. Our way is not a one-size-fits-all package of standard services. We know you don’t need extensive assessments or overly complicated processes. We are quick, efficient, and flexible. Our hands-on approach ensures that Flax Associates:

  • Understands your organization’s unique issues and concerns
  • Creates solutions that address those needs
  • Gives you the skills and knowledge to implement, maintain and expand those solutions

Understanding Your Assets

Flax Associates begins our service to you with a brief, efficient review of your current assets and resources. We interview key people and learn your organization’s values, resources, goals and concerns.

What do you have in place right now — such as your programs, audience, and communication channels — that are of potential value to partners? A review of assets helps discover what can be offered and under what parameters. These become attractive benefits.

Balancing your goals and partners’ needs

Building Partnerships, Programs, Campaigns, Platforms

Based on our review, Flax Associates develops innovative programs and procedures that make your fundraising strategy more efficient and effective. We go beyond providing a list of recommendations; we show you why our recommendations work and how to implement them. Where needed, we attend events, make calls, and otherwise demonstrate first-hand the actions we recommend for you.

Implementation, Maintenance & More

As a hands-on advisor and partner, Flax Associates is not done when your new fundraising programs are developed. New programs sometimes require new skills and approaches, both within your nonprofit and externally. Flax Associates walks you through the steps you need to take to:


  • Coordinate internal activities to present a cohesive and united outreach
  • Allocate budgets
  • Assign roles
  • Gain leadership buy-in and approval
  • Secure collaboration among departments
  • Handle the involvement of outsourced functions


  • Conduct business development outreach
  • Grow and expand current relationships
  • Identify corporate contacts (departments and people)
  • Develop and build relationships with new contacts
  • Ask the right questions
  • Position your organization in a way that appeals to the target company

Your enhanced skills allow you to do business at a higher level moving forward. You learn to use a strategic business development approach. This takes you beyond prospectus outreach and generates greater revenue to support current or new initiatives and programs.