Event Revenue

Enhancing Event Revenue

Flax Associates develops methods to increase your event revenue.

There is always room for improvement! Like most organizations, nonprofits and the events they produce need to change as society, technology, and corporations evolve. The reality is that most nonprofit events lose money, especially if you include staff time. How do you turn that around?

Step Up with Flax Associates

Flax Associates conducts a brief review of your current event plans, activities and outreach documents. We also attend your event to observe activities in real time. We deliver a set of recommendations for making your events even more profitable.

Our service doesn’t end there; we are hands on, showing you how to turn our recommendations into effective actions. We assist with communication plans and make sure you have the tools to:

  • Improve potential to generate event sponsorship leads
  • Request and increase contributions
  • Enhance your messaging
  • Select and communicate with honorees
  • Recruit volunteers (where applicable)
  • Make activities more interactive and competitive

And more! We tailor our recommendations and services to your event goals.

After your event, we review the results with you and help you identify what you should continue to do and what you can do differently at future events.