Corporate Partnership Meeting Notes

Zoom Call | 4-29-20

COVID-19 pandemic has clarified and accelerated the need for associations to ‘pivot’ 

  • Events cancelled – not sure when live meetings will return (and a willingness to attend?)  
  • Concerns about revenue (events, membership, sponsorship) and how to adapt
  • Offering logo recognition (branding on website, email, other options) is not enough (little value/revenue) 
  • Easy to focus on the issues/problems…how do we position ourselves and our organizations for future success (each person identified a positive)
Corporate Partnership Meeting Notes - Zoom Call

Need to revisit opportunities outside of live events and consider the following

  • Year round opportunities/benefits     
  • Thought leadership and content (move beyond traditional offerings)
  • New audiences – current audiences/targets
  • New options to engage members and sponsors/partners
  • Understand member problems/pains and engage sponsors/partners in offering solutions

Challenges that we face

  • Sales – How should we handle? Budget pressures vs current situation?
  • Virtual environment – Ways to engage? Security issues? Different types of events?
  • Parameters around sponsor engagement – can we push for greater involvement?
  • Future of events – Virtual, live, or some type of hybrid? What will we offer?

Benefits to consider offering to sponsors/partners:

  • Research awards (Nancy)
  • Virtual opportunities (Dan)
  • White papers (Lewis)
  • Live chats (Justin)
  • Video chat (Shannon)
  • Webinars (Leslie, Lee)
  • Podcasts (Maren, Leslie)
  • Videos (Karl)
  • Scholarships (Tracie)
  • New audiences (Bruce)
  • Peer to peer conversations (Steve)
  • Online conferences with virtual exhibit hall (Justin)
  • On demand education (Amy)
  • Topic area e-newsletters (Laura)

Until we meet (zoom!) again!

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