board retreats

Board Retreats

Flax Associates facilitates retreats where board members explore key issues and ways to enhance fundraising.

How do you plan and execute an effective retreat for your board? You need to navigate between being well-planned yet flexible enough to keep them involved and engaged on a strategic level. You need to be able to:

  • Engage and involve the board at the appropriate, strategic level
  • Motivate and inspire board members so they feel a deeper connection to the organization
  • Enhance their ability to leverage their networks on behalf of the organization
  • Increase fundraising for nonprofits potential
  • Address critical issues by building consensus to arrive at pragmatic solutions in a positive manner
  • Gain buy-in of board members at the retreat
  • Establish follow-up and accountability after the retreat
  • Host a retreat where board is inspired and enthusiastic. And they can have fun while they work!

This can be a significant challenge. Flax Associates has the tools, techniques, experience, and independent point of view to help you succeed.

Step Up with Flax Associates

At a board retreat, your board members can identify and address key organizational issues, develop strategies, and enhance their relationships. To ensure effective outcomes, board members, under the guidance of executive leadership, are involved in all stages of the retreat. We use approaches and techniques to ensure buy-in ahead of the retreat, productive and enjoyable sessions at the retreat, and measures to create a deeper connection to the organization resulting in post retreat follow up and accountability.

Understanding Organizational Dynamics

To ensure a smooth, successful retreat, we begin by connecting with the CEO/ED and executive leadership to understand perspectives, internal dynamics, and cultural factors that could impact the retreat.

Advanced Planning

Before the retreat, interviews are conducted with selected board members for their insights on issues, priorities, and desired outcomes. They participate in developing the retreat agenda. This involvement helps ensure their buy-in.

During the Retreat

At the retreat, we focus on a few key topical issues. All attendees are active participants, engaged with interactive exercises to arrive at consensus opinions and specific next steps. They are building the means for the organization to move forward in a positive direction and can take pride in the accomplishments. And they will enjoy themselves along the way!

After the Retreat

Accountability and follow-up measures are built into the structure of the event. This results in agreed upon actions and next steps post-retreat leading to continued and ongoing support from board members. We conclude with a discussion that reinforces the value of the mission and a stronger and deeper connection to the organization.

Flax Associates provides guidance and assistance to ensure that these steps after the retreat are successful. We ensure that the necessary time, resources, strategies and tactics are put into practice.