board involvement

Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

A nonprofit’s fundraising can be greatly enhanced by an effective board. Flax Associates helps your board reach its fundraising potential.

Fundraising may present a unique challenge given the respective roles of nonprofit CEOs and board members.  Ideally, board members should be a significant asset in an organization’s fundraising efforts. However, CEOs may be reluctant to request involvement given the Board’s oversight role, and board members may not be comfortable actively soliciting support. This type of situation can lead to fundraising concerns for the Board, executive leadership, and staff.

Flax Associates bridges this gap. We bring an outside perspective, experience in these situations, and a track record of success.

Step Up with Flax Associates

Flax Associates facilitates a process to enhance fundraising for nonprofits by helping your board members maximize their resources and teamwork. We work with nonprofit staff to ensure that board members understand how to:

  • Establish clear expectations and responsibilities and incorporate accountability measures
  • Effectively leverage their corporate networks
  • Ensure that the board focuses on the strategic direction rather than operational details
  • Engage board members and keep them actively involved and motivated
  • Ensure that the board consists of a mix of people with a variety of resources
  • Recruit new board members who meet the board’s selective criteria
  • Recognize and leverage each board member’s unique resources, skills, and interests
  • Effectively work with the organization’s staff

The result is an enriched fundraising program, enhanced relationships between board and staff, and an increase in revenue.