STEP UP from sponsorship to strategic partnership.

Fulfill your goals by offering significant value to corporate partners.

Your hands-on advisor and partner

Working side-by-side with you, we ensure you have the knowledge and skills to step up.

No more than what you need, no less than what you expect

We are quick, efficient, and flexible. Our solutions are designed to raise your bottom line.

Facilitation of board retreats

We address key strategic issues and enhance fundraising results.

The Best Question to Ask Potential Corporate Funders

corporate funders Flax Associates

Nearly all of us dream of an established company providing our nonprofit with significant funds. We are thrilled when we line up a meeting with a prime corporate prospect! At the meeting, we provide background information on our organization, smoothly present details on our programs, and confidently state how we are truly making an impact. Can you spot the problem? We fell in love with our own organizational goals…

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Badges, Bags and Keycards: Do we remember?

nonprofit association conference Flax Associates

Think about a conference that you attended hosted by another organization. Do you recall who sponsored the badges? Bags? Keycards? Coffee break the afternoon of the second day? Doubtful. The reality is we forget (and we are in the sponsorship business!) and attendees rarely remember. As a result, corporate executives don’t value these opportunities in the way that we would hope.     The standard approach is to offer one-off…

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