Serving You

Achieve your goals while addressing your partners’ needs

As a nonprofit organization, you face a critical challenge. You have to balance meeting your organization’s own needs and offering solutions addressing the needs of the organizations that support you.

Step Up with Flax Associates

Flax Associates understands this challenge and offers a range of services that help you find the best ways to build and maintain that balance. We lead our clients through processes that build lasting partnerships, increase revenue, enhance board relationships, and teach valuable skills needed to succeed.


For non-dues revenue, associations often focus on their annual conference and advertising. Expand your focus to include corporate support. Corporations have much to offer if they value the benefits you offer. Flax Associates helps you understand corporations’ needs and develop strategic plans to address their needs and yours.

How Do You:

  • Create packages that go beyond standard conference offerings and advertising?
  • Coordinate efforts organization-wide with all departments working toward the same goal?
  • Develop a national program while considering the impact of local/chapter solicitations?
  • Effectively manage relationships with competitors in the same industry?
  • Engage and involve executive and volunteer leadership in this effort?
  • Understand the needs of potential supporters to offer benefits that grab their attention?
  • Leverage corporate marketing budgets and communication channels to promote your programs/initiatives?
  • Ensure that companies are increasing, rather than reducing their annual spend?
  • Increase member value through current or new programs and initiatives?


Cause-based organizations typically conduct fundraising through individual giving, direct marketing, planned giving, major gifts, government and foundation grants, and events. Successfully navigating the corporate world requires more than requests for individual event sponsorship. You need strategic partnerships.

How Do You:

  • Target the right corporations and individuals?
  • Determine what you can offer the corporate sector?
  • Develop appropriate benefits and packages to create long-term partnerships?
  • Structure and value your potential offerings?
  • Understand potential supporters’ needs and help them fulfill their goals while they help you?
  • Maintain the integrity of your mission throughout the process?
  • Educate and obtain appropriate involvement from the board and/or volunteer leadership?
  • Effectively conduct outreach to the corporate world?
  • Ensure that attention for your cause remains high and people clearly understand its importance?