Flax Associates

Flax Associates teaches you how to enhance, increase, and maximize your nonprofit fundraising.

Flax Associates helps nonprofits support their objectives through establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations. We help you develop the strategy, structure, and ability to implement. Your organization can then:

  • Connect with current and potential partners
  • Understand their specific needs
  • Create and implement effective campaigns and initiatives that make sense for them and for you

Corporations are an essential source of support.

Nonprofits sometimes experience a decline in revenue from membership, contributions, event attendance, sponsors, and exhibitors. Corporate partnerships can help you overcome these challenges if you know how to offer them significant value in return.

But there is a disconnect between nonprofits and corporations.

Some relationships consist of repetitive requests for support for a specific event or activity. The connection often ends there. Then you have to repeat the process. And corporations receive recognition that’s forgotten soon after the event.

Corporations are looking for greater value.

Corporations want visibility, exposure, thought leadership, community responsibility or lead generation—something long term and strategic. To deliver that, you have to speak their language and offer a plan that will yield a significant return on their investment.

The best sponsorship package to offer depends on the partner corporation’s business objectives, current campaigns, and how your organization aligns with their goals. For example, would the following businesses equally value your current prospectus–a financial services firm, a heavy manufacturing company, a major retailer, or a telecommunications provider?

Create value through partnerships.

Your challenge is to offer benefits that align with your own goals while providing unique value to each corporation. Knowing their objectives, needs, and challenges, you can develop long-term partnerships. All parties benefit with increased revenue potential for you and greater value for the corporation.

Step Up with Flax Associates!

Flax Associates helps you create valuable partnerships for more effective fundraising results. We review corporations’ goals, internal views and perspectives. We then develop campaigns and platforms that address their corporate goals. We stay with you to:

  • Implement your plans
  • Develop long-term skills
  • Help ensure success!